In May 2012, the Tinley Park Five were arrested in regards to an altercation between white supremacists and antifascists in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park that left ten injured fascists, three of which needed hospitalization. Two white supremacists were also arrested, one for possession of child pornography and another for possessing a firearm as a felon. Despite this and the fact that the meeting was organized by violent white supremacist organizations including the National Socialist Movement, Council of Conservative Citizens, and Ku Klux Klan, the State showed their cozy relationship with white supremacy by refusing the accused antifascist activist bail or a plea deal comparable to any other criminal defendant in Cook County.

In January 2013 the Tinley Park Five accepted a non-cooperating plea deal. The five antifascists have served prison sentences and been released on parole.

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  3. What inspired you to start H.A.R.M. in the first place? Were you the object of an attack by some offending group or was a family member or friend attacked by one of them? I’m just curious as to what made you decide to form this group and why you pay close attention to white supremists, fascists, and the like.

    • There’s a lot of us. We all do it for different reasons. For me I saw what had been an improving racial situation in Indiana. Over the last decade with the rise of the tea party we’ve seen that progress erode and I didn’t I wouldn’t be a passive witness.

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