Patch: Tinley Park Five Plead Guilty, Sentenced to Prison

Tinley Park Five accept plea bargain resulting in 3.5 years to 6 years prison sentences for brawl with neo-nazis. From the article:

Attorney Sara Garber, who represented Alex Stuck, said she was disappointed with the men’s decision and shocked at the judge’s sentence.

“All the Nazis at the restaurant have records, with violent felony backgrounds,” Garber said. “They had weapons, guns in their cars.”

By comparison the five men, who had staunch support from people who came to Friday’s hearing from Bloomington and Gary, Ind., didn’t have violent backgrounds and are community activists in Indiana…

Workers World: History proves fascist terror must be fought

Self-defense against fascist terror that does not ask for the government’s permission has a long and honorable history in the U.S. and around the world.

Chicago Tribune: Attorneys say they joined Tinley Park mob attack case to fight racism

6 lawyers represent 5 men charged in attack at Ashford House restaurant

Worker’s World: Tinley Park Five: Fight Fascism

A wonderful editorial from Worker’s World in Support of the Tinley Park Five.

Political Fail Blog: Anti-Racist Activists Crash Secret White Supremacist Meeting, Arrests on Both Sides

A blogger delves into some of the details of the story missed or glanced over by the main-stream media.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch: Racists Arrested After Chicago Attack Have Long Histories of Activism

Hatewatch briefly explores the history of racist activism of the two white supremacists arrested after the Tinley Park incident. Keep in mind that these were only the two alleged victims who were arrested, one for child-pornography charges, the other for being a violent felon in possession of a loaded handgun. Many of the other “victims”  reportedly fled the scene when the police arrived. – Beckie Williams Hacked! Private Info Released

After the white supremacist community made the mistake of trying to ‘dox’ (making someone’s personal information public) twitter accounts that had chosen to follow @tinleyPark5, some of whom were affiliated with the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous, the group decided to show them what a proper ‘dox’ looks like. Hackers claiming to be from Anonymous  made private correspondences between the alleged “vicitms” of the Tinley Park incident public.  Contained in the information is correspondence between Brandon Spiller, Beckie Williams, and several other alleged victims. In the released chat logs admission to falsifying police reports to exaggerate the alleged attack as well as an ongoing conspiracy to violate federal law, namely the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in their weak attempts at DDoS’ing the website .  DDoS stands for distributed denial of service attack, which is an attempt to shut down a website by causing a metaphorical traffic jam at a specific website.


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