Letter Writing

We realize that not everybody is in a position to provide financial support for political prisoners. You can still make a difference and support the Tinley Park Five by writing them letters. The Tinley Park Five have repeatedly stated that getting through these tough times has been made infinitely more bearable because of the support they’ve received, not just from anti-racist and radical organizations but from everyday people like you who support the struggle against white supremacy.

As the Tinley Park Five are being held in separate facilities, you can find their addresses on their individual TP5 pages.

Send the Tinley Park Five an Email through JPAY

All out of stamps? For five dollars you can buy five emails that JPAY will deliver as postal mail for you. Each email is approximately two full type-written pages and typically reach prisoners quicker than postal mail.

Letter Writing Parties

Radical communities around the United States (and world!) have been hosting letter-writing parties for the Tinley Park Five and other political prisoners such as the Jeremy Hammond and the Pacific Northwest Grand Jury Resisters. Not only do these events provide much needed support for our imprisoned comrades, but they can be a great way to strengthen your own radical community and increase awareness not only about the Tinley Park Five but about the many political prisoners that are currently in need of our help. Resources for tabling can be found here.


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