Tinley Park Five doing great, humbled by international support they are receiving

Each and every member of the Tinley Park are in great spirits. They are getting along well with the other inmates at Cook County Jail. Their two biggest concerns at this time are the safety of their family and friends who are still receiving relentless threats of violence from the white supremacist community and the boredom and anxiety that comes along with being imprisoned, especially not knowing how long they have til they will be released. Their support network is capably handling security concerns. The Tinley Park Five support network is also doing everything they can to help with with the monotony of prison life, but you can also help by writing letters, visiting, or providing financial support. The various acts of solidarity being shown by the antifascist, anarchist, and activist communities across the world are the fuel that keeps us all going through these stressful times. Thank you to everyone who has given a few dollars, written a letter, retweeted a link, shared a news story, sent a book or zine, dedicated an action to or visited them, assisted with security, and have otherwise aided in this campaign to free the Tinley Park Five. It’s impossible to convey how much this means to both us and them.