Happy Birthday Alex Stuck!

On December 19, 2012 Alex Stuck will turn twenty-three years old. While we’re all still hoping that a plea agreement can be reached between now and then, the bitter reality is that Alex may be spending his birthday in the Cook County Jail. A conference is scheduled for Dec 7 which will determine whether a plea deal can be reached or whether the case will proceed to trial. As friends and comrades of Alex, never does a day go by that we don’t think about the dedication Alex displays in the struggle against fascist terrorism in our communities.

We do want to make sure that Alex has as good of a day as is possible. In order that he should hopefully receive it by his birthday, letters and other packages should be sent as soon as possible. PLEASE! If you’ve got an extra fifteen minutes just send Alex a short letter to wish him a happy birthday! It’ll mean a lot to him.

To put a couple extra dollars directly on his commissary fund use Moneygram Bill Pay, which can be found at most drug and grocery stores. Use the code #1750 for Cook County Department of Corrections and send the money to inmate code:


Alex will receive the money instantly and maybe this way he can have a birthday feast of tuna fish and ramen noodles! You can also continue to get money to Alex and the rest of the Tinley Park Five via WePay.

Wanna Send Alex a Birthday Toast?

If you’d like to send a toast Alex’s way for his birthday, take a picture of you and your crew toasting Cody on your phone anytime between now and December 2. Send the funniest, sexiest, sweetest, proudest, drunkest or smartest picture you can come up with for your toast and send it to:


with something along the lines of “Happy Birthday Alex” in the subject line. When Alex gets out (hopefully soon), we’ll show him all the photos of his friends and comrades all over the world raising a glass to him. Hopefully this way we can replace a piece of his stolen birthday.

We miss you Alex! Solidarity! Happy Birthday!


Court Date Postponed Until December 7

The Tinley Park Five were scheduled for a 402 conference today. The judge did not receive the probation department’s recommendation until this morning and was running behind schedule. She therefore issued a continuance of the the conference until December 7, 2012. The conference will determine whether or not a plea bargain can be reached or whether the case will begin to proceed towards their constitutionally guaranteed “speedy trial”.