John Tucker of the Tinley Park Five Thanks Supporters

John Tucker Thanks #TinleyPark5 Supporters!

John Tucker, one of the defendants in the Tinley Park Five case, asked that we post this letter of gratitude to his supporters. John, like the other four defendants, is being held in Cook County Jail awaiting trial. His bail is $175,000, out of the reach of his friends and family. Defense motions to suppress the arrest are to be ruled on soon, but most likely the five antifascist activists will be held in Cook County Jail until the conclusion of what appears will be a lengthy trial.

The Indianapolis Star recently ran a gossip piece about the Tinley Park Five and the antifascist community in the midwest. They referr to the struggle against violent fascism as a “shadowy” endeavor. The same mainstream media that has tacitly condoned increased police violence against activist’s free speech is now incensed by any perceived violation of the free speech of neonazis, klan members, and other hate groups.

To our Supporters –

First off, I would like to thank all of our past, present and future supporters for any and all letters, donations, and internet support for our cause. Incarceration is difficult indeed, but your kindness helps ease our troubles in these trying times.

Secondly, I would like to thank our supporters and sympathizers for any and all kindness given to our friends and family, of which the media has often vilified. Those closest to us are oftentimes more affected by our tragedies than we ourselves are at the time.

Lastly, to all those who are reading this with an open mind, I would like to thank you for at least showing an interest in our struggle. Just know, we are by no means the dark figures much as the media has made us out to be. We are sons and brothers, workers and students, salt of the earth, flesh-and-blood people like everyone else. Though not as sensational as many new programs and papers make us out to be we are just people  (thankful people at that) for everything much of the populace has and continues to help us with. Without caring people in the world I’m not sure we could make it throught this.

Thank you all,
John Tucker


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