Antifa Art Contest: Design a “Tinley Park Five” Shirt

UPDATE: We’re getting a lot of interest pretty late in the game, so we’ll be extending the deadline to December 31, 2012!

It’s looking as if the Tinley Park Five will be stuck in the Cook County Jail until their trial date. The judge refused to reduce the bail of the five alleged freedom fighters and the bail money is still way out of reach. Just sitting inside Cook County is an expensive ordeal. The cost of calling cards, stamps, reading materials, and edible food mounts up quickly. Fortunately, the families and loved ones of the Tinley Park Five are in good shape and we can focus on supporting our imprisoned comrades.

We’ve been brainstorming ideas on how to raise money for our friends and one of our ideas was to sell some tee shirts. Rather than just throw some old graphics on these shirts we thought we’d ask for help from the antifascist community. So here’s the deal: Send us your idea for a “Support the Tinley Park Five” tee shirt and if you win we’ll give you one for free. I know, I know…. not exactly the Publisher’s Clearing House or anything but we thought this was a better way of valuing antifascist art than a gift certificate or trophy or whatever prize most art contests give their winners.

Some guidelines:

1. This design is for a tee shirt. Make sure that your design will translate well to a one or two color press (illustration > painting).

2. We will eventually need the illustration in a fairly high resolution computer format. We can figure out the details later, but if you draw something and send us a low-res scan/pic of it, make sure you hold onto the illustration so we can figure out a way to get an adequate file from you if you win.

3. As far as content goes, it’s up to you. It should most likely say “Tinley Park Five” on it. You could redraw some antifascist logos and imagery and stylize the text, make a comic book style rendition of the media’s portrayal of the Tinley Park Five (complete with nunchucks and throwing stars lulz), or you can of course do your own thing!

4. Feel free to sign your work, either with your name or your crew’s, but keep in mind this will make your name eternally associated with antifascism.

5. We need to receive your submissions by December 31, 2012. Send us your artwork to

6. By sending us your artwork, you are placing it in the public domain. The finalist images will be put out on the internet and/or used to raise funds. By voluntarily sending it to us you are agreeing to give up any legal claim to ownership or copyright infringement. Also, don’t send us anyone else’s work, copyrighted or not, we want to see what you can do!


8 thoughts on “Antifa Art Contest: Design a “Tinley Park Five” Shirt

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  2. What a great idea to raise money for the Tinley Five cause celebre by encouraging ;pragmatic creativity. IE a designer tee shirt. IOW art one can wear. A rather fashionable innovation

  3. Just wanted to let ya’ll know I’ve been carrying around a bunch of tinley park five stickers with me every where I go and putting them up all over town. good luck to everyone in HARM and the TP5

  4. if you guys are looking for printing a co-op union shop in denver is run by radical workers. we did the shirts for the cleveland 4, marie mason, and eric mcdavid among a whole other bunch of prisoner support groups like denver abc.

    hit us up

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